Stick by Static Electricity


The PITACON SHEET can stick by static electricity any flat surface,

and erase like whiteboard


4 Charactors of PITACON SHEET

1. Because the unique properties of the PITACON SHEET only requires static electricity, you can apply and stick the PITACON SHEET to any flat surface to include glass, wood, or any wall surface. When you remove the sheet by simply peeling off the sheet, nothing will be left behind on the surface.


2. You may use whiteboard style washable markers to write and erase on the PITACON SHEET just as you would on whiteboard.


3. The PITACON SHEET is manufactured with environmental friendly polypropylene. After use, you may recycle it or dispose as normal flammable material.


4. You can continuously reuse the PITACON SHEET. For as long as there is static electricity, you can stick and peel off the sheet as often as you need. In addition, the unique properties of the PITACON SHEET allow you to stick small pieces of paper, even smaller than A4 size, on the surface of the sheet. 



Intended Purpose of PITACON SHEET

For whiteboard to seminar, conference, OJT presentation tool


To use as pot menu for shops and events


Painting for children, or memo pad sticking on refrigerator


For schedule, message, calendar sheet


Emergency whiteboard like message board in natural disaster


As tools for wall decoration at exhibition and event site

    Possible to stick A4 size papers (for ex. catalogues) on surface